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Since no two persons are the same, Supported Living Services is aware that no two housing conditions are the same either. Ndis can offer dependable service so you may get help with personal care, daily help, and other assisted independent living in Melbourne assistance. We are aware of how difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating it may be to select the ideal home for your needs and goals. Our team's primary goal is to assess the appropriateness, safety, and cost of the help that NDIS offers. They then assist you in locating the ideal option for your requirements and financial situation, enabling you to thrive in your own independent living.

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People with impairments can live more freely thanks to supported independent living programmes offered by Supported Living Services in Melbourne. Everyone can receive daily assistance from our SIL because of NDIS funding. Our devoted team offers solutions that are specifically suited to each resident's requirements, preferences, and issues. No matter the person, we work to provide every resident with the chance to live their passion in a supportive setting. SIL stands for supported independent living. You can use it to assist with daily duties.Your talents will improve as a result. This package aids you in living life to the fullest without encountering any difficulties under the NDIS plan. SIL stands for supported independent living. You can use it to assist with daily duties. Your talents will be improved as a result. This package supports you to enjoy life to the fullest, free from any kind of problem, under the NDIS plan.

What are our options?

Based on each client's NDIS plan, we design a special independent living arrangement for them in Melbourne, and we also provide disability convenience services! Visitors may remain for a single day, a night, a weekend, or several weeks. Stays might be routine or sporadic, for a planned vacation or an urgent visit. Click here for further details on the property.

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To enable persons with impairments to live more independently, we provide choices for supported independent living in Melbourne. We do our best every day to assist those who are disabled so they can live independently like everyone else. It is a service that can be offered to people with disabilities and is sponsored by your NDIS programme. Through our SIL services, we offer care around-the-clock, including night shifts for walkers and support personnel.We help you develop useful skills so you can better manage your relationships, your home environment, and your involvement in the community. We'll give you the information you need to make wise decisions, uphold your dignity, assist you gain independence, and stimulate the development of your abilities. To make sure your requirements are fulfilled, we'll assist you in understanding the services that are offered as well as how they can be accessible and provided. Contact your Supported Living Services representative or browse our supported independent living jobs in Melbourne here for more details.

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